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Expect More From Your Workwear

Working in an industry as diverse and interesting as  workwear and safety wear (PPE), as I do is eye opening. It doesn’t quite move with the times, but bumbles along playing catch-up with fashions, regulation, trends and a diverse range of old and new emerging industries.

It is a massive market place ranging from the huge multinationals down to the individual artisans working out of garages and sheds all looking for either safety wear (PPE) or branded work wear of one sort or another.

The seasons have a role to play as does the latest marketing and advertising fads and of course Health and Safety regulations.

In this blog I am going to look into various aspects of our industry, starting with a brief introduction, then on a regular basis adding articles on specific issues facing this market place.

I don’t want to do this alone so your feedback and input will be great and I will publish all comments and questions as long as they are legal and politically acceptable.

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